Puppy Training Coquitlam

Training Your Dog The Right Way

Professional Puppies offers helpful positive reinforcement dog training in Coquitlam, British Columbia. Professional Puppies’ goal is to assist you in developing confidence with your dog and help you use it effectively.

Whether you need help with behavioral issues or just want to unleash your dog’s inner cheerleader, we’re here to assist you.

If you’re searching for a specialist that will support you throughout your journey, lead you in the correct direction, boost your morale, and always have your dogs’ safety and well-being in mind, then you’ve come to the perfect spot! Still on the fence? Contact us to book a free consultation!


Dog Training

We understand that doing dog training isn’t always a bed of roses. You’re sure to get frustrated, if not embarrassed, by your dog. That’s where we come in!
We are sensitive to your circumstances and genuinely comprehend how you feel. We understand that it’s not always simple to be happy when you have these sentiments about your dog. We’re here to help you relax or lighten up so you can continue inspiring your dog and having a successful training session using the power of positive thinking.

Dog Walking

Do you want your dog to pay more attention to you during their walks or at home? Is it true that your dog pulls you down the street? Yes? That’s excellent! Not great, but think about this for a second. You’re out on the town, and you come upon a dog who checks in with its owner, answers to their name, and is on a loose leash. It appears as if they’re having a great time walking together! Oh wait, take a look closer. That person there is YOU! If this program sounds more like a fantasy than reality to you, it’s just for you!

Dog Sitting

Do you know how to teach your dog to sit? The most typical type of canine behaviour is usually the first thing that individuals wish to train their dogs. Although it’s not the most frequent term that other people will ask your dog to perform when meeting them on the street, it’s an excellent ability to develop your dog’s impulse control and prevent undesirable behaviours like jumping up on people or door dashing.

Day Care

We adore and care for your dog as if it is one of our own. We understand that your dog is part of your family and deserves the best quality of attention possible. We offer ongoing daycare for your pet, similar to a childcare center, so they may socialize, learn new things, and get plenty of exercises. Every dog, we think, deserves to be cared for! We will provide you with report cards and talk with you as a caring pet parent so that you may know how your dog is progressing. In addition to providing a secure haven for your puppy, Professional Puppies is known for giving your pup the Most Excitable Day Ever!