Frequently Asked Questions

We get that you may have questions regarding what we can assist with and how we do it. Here are the most frequently asked questions to answer any queries you might have!

Contact us to schedule your Meet and Greet with your pet. This will be a consultation session for all of us to meet and discuss your dog’s past and personality. From here, we may create a training program based on your needs and those of your family.
Our Meet and Greet sessions are intended to help us better get to know each other and make everyone feel at ease. We’ll ask you some basic questions about your pet and a behavioural evaluation so we can gain an overall sense of their personality. This aids in the creation of a training strategy as well as gives us an indication of how to deal with your dog during our lessons.
We are happy to go over any questions about your last appointment that you may have on the phone. We can always troubleshoot during our next appointment as some things may not be as easy to grasp over the phone.
Cancellations made within 24 hours of a scheduled service are subject to the total amount.
I’d highly suggest that you have each dog in a separate class so they can focus more on you during the session. When dogs have formed an attachment, they frequently look for one another across the room.
Bring your dog in a flat collar to class if you’re wearing the harness.

Please bring 1-2 cups of small treats. You may bring kibble, but please also get other items that are approximately the size of a pea, such as cheese, chicken, hot dogs, liver, etc.

In class, we go through a lot of snacks. It is critical to withhold the dinner before class, especially if you have a tiny dog.

We have trained a wide range of dogs. You’ll struggle to find a breed that we haven’t trained, whether it be tiny or enormous; we train them all!
At Professional Puppies, we educate dogs how a wild mother wolf would educate her pups, using love and respect rather than food as an incentive.
No, your dog can be trained at any age as long as you, the owner, are willing to learn.
The length of time it takes for a dog to learn is dependent on the form of the training program. Private lessons are available in five-session blocks every week for five weeks. This schedule allows both the dog and its owner(s) to practice the skills covered during each session, which is recommended as part of the training process.
The initial evaluation is required before any of our training programs may begin because it allows the trainer to identify the requirements of the dog-family team and subsequently develop the most appropriate program.

Yes, this is one of the most significant advantages of Professional Puppies for dog obedience training. Every pet is regarded as a unique individual, having its own set of problems and requirements.

Our programs teach the basic norms (including sit, stay, come, go back, etc.) and fundamental commands. Each program is custom-designed to meet your dog’s particular demands and behaviors.