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Are you looking for a professional, reliable, certified trainer for your furry friends? Professional Puppies is a professionally certified and renowned dog school based in Coquitlam, BC. We are qualified trainers with years of experience in providing solutions to all your training needs.



What We Do

Professional Puppies in Coquitlam offers a range of training sessions for your puppy, including leash walking, barking, calm greetings, reactivity, and recall. We even help out with anxiety and aggression. Your puppy could be a new rescue getting used to your home, a puppy going through some problematic behavior or simply a youngling ready to be trained. No matter the requirement, we are prepared to help with our professional, educational, and fun-filled programs for you and your puppy.



BC Dog Training

How Can We Help?

Whether your furry friend is a new puppy, a rescue or a grown dog, we can help you train them using the best tried-and-tested, scientific methods. Here are some of the ways that we can help both you and your puppy improve your relationship!

Teaching Good Behavior Before It’s Too Late

Certified Dog Trainer

Foundation Skills

Professional Puppies is ideal for introducing your dog to basic foundational skills such as leash-walking and fetching in a safe and fun environment. First time at training? Don't worry because we can help you from the very first step onwards!


Puppies may be cute and lovable, but they are a lot of work! At Professional Puppies, we offer the best programs for your puppy to start off their training journey in a safe and loving environment and become well-behaved dogs in no time.


Adopting a rescue can be a fantastic experience if you choose the right trainer! We can make your journey with your rescue a memorable and incredible one with our special programs. While all rescues from established shelters are welcome at Professional Puppies in Coquitlam, we are open to helping train dogs of all ages, including pups.

Barking and Reactivity

Have trouble with barking? Does your puppy tend to bark and react towards other people, dogs or any moving object? Is your puppy constantly barking out the doors, windows, or the television? We have the best techniques that can help you solve this problem. After a few sessions with us, your puppy will be the most relaxed and well-behaved puppy in town!

Fear and Anxiety

Fear and anxiety are not uncommon among pups of all ages and breeds. It could be towards other dogs, strangers, vehicles, loud noises, or crowded spaces. This can be solved quickly because, at Professional Puppies, we train them to build confidence and flexibility to last a lifetime.

Children and Overexcitement

Parenting both children and puppies at the same time can be a handful. Suppose your household is messy and chaotic with both your kids and your new puppy. In that case, our programs can train your dog to keep calm during different situations while still maintaining their fun-loving and exciting personalities. Our sessions will also help create an incredible bond between your kids and dog.





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